What is your project style?


Short quiz about your project style and who your customers are

In fflow, your team must always associate every project and time booking with a project. You can optionally choose to associate project and time bookings with tasks or customers. You may already know what you prefer, or you can take this quick quiz, it will suggest which style we think will be most helpful for your project and time bookings.

You can remove tasks and customers from the booking form fields at any time: if so, associations already made will be stored internally, but your team will no longer see them or be able to add them when they make bookings.

You do not need any associations to book HR absences in fflow, for example vacation or training.

1. Customers

Are your customers internal or external? If you are not sure, think about who pays for the projects. Do you send invoices?

2. Tasks

Is every project new and different? Or do you have regular tasks that customers often ask for?

Screenshot showing your recommended options

No fields set

Sign into fflow as a user with Admin permissions, then go to Settings -> Booking fields to choose your preferred options

3. Agile

Do your projects typically run using agile methodologies or scrums? This will not change which options you configure in the fflow settings, but it may affect how you use tasks

Ready to go

Based on your selections, the screenshot shows your recommended settings. You don't have to keep them: above all, configure fflow so that you get the best improvements in productivity for your projects. We wish you every success!