About us and how we work

Our commitment

We hire for diversity and work inclusively. We recognise a range of different challenges, here is a quiz we use to evaluate social capital.

We aim to provide psychological safety at work, or, to put it another way, we value a high sleep, low stress culture.

Research shows that getting six hours or less sleep for two weeks straight leads to the same mental performance deficits as back-to-back all-nighters. Even moderate levels of fatigue cause a higher level of impairment than alcohol intoxication. Fast Company

We promote non-manager (individual contributor) career paths. Our managers are there because they enjoy a role where they can support others.

Practices we use to support our commitment

  • We share questions ahead of interviews
  • We work flexible hours
  • We prefer a leave-home time over an arrive-by time to reduce commute-related stress
  • We share meeting agendas ahead of time
  • We ask about and respect preferred communication styles
  • When we assign work, we are open to suggestions about how and when it is done
  • We avoid deadlines unless they are for customer commitments: work is ready when it is done

We ask for feedback and are open to suggestions that improve accessibility and help our team sleep more easily.