Maximise team productivity with fflow

Scheduler diary

How can I use fflow to find out who is available?

In the fflow calendar, create bookings to assign your team to projects.

When you create a project resource booking:
  • Select the 'Assign project' booking type
  • Select the project
  • Select the team member the booking is for
  • Select the start and finish dates
Tips for new project resource bookings
  • Click on a cell in the calendar to open the booking form: The start and finish will default to the date of the cell column
  • Click on a cell in the calendar to open the booking form: The booking for will default to the team member of the cell row
  • The hours will default to the working hours for the team member. Ask your team to go to their account settings and edit their preferred working hours
  • You can set a booking end date to be days or weeks ahead from today

Below is a screenshot of a fflow calendar with multiple project bookings.

You can quickly see that Fleur developer is available for the week of 20th Jan, Bruno developer is available for the week of 27th Jan, and Carl Tester has three spare days from 22nd Jan.

fflow calendar showing resource bookings

Who is not available

Who is not available, even if they are not assigned to project work?

Ask your team to create their own bookings for available days when they have other commitments.

If there is a day they are regularly not available, they can set this in their account settings by using the same time for start and finish work, this will appear in the calendar as 'non-work' day. You can still make bookings for non-work days, and they will default to 0 hours.

In the screenshot below, even though there are no project bookings yet, there is only one team member available for the week of 17th Feb, and no one at all is available on 21st Feb.

fflow calendar showing absence bookings

Individual productivity

From the calendar view, click on a team member's name. You will see a summary of their billable hours.

fflow timesheet for team member

Maximise productivity with fflow

You and your team create bookings in fflow for project work and non-project commitments like vacation and training. Once booked, you can use the scheduler to visualise quickly who is available from which team, minimise non-productive days, and maximise project time.

Get started now with fflow.