fflow allows us to manage complex time bookings across our squads and provide accurate and transparent reports for our clients. Clients need confidence on what they are being charged for, fflow allows us exactly that. Goodbye spreadsheets, hello app.

Raj Subramani
Wordle of consultancies and agencies with billable customers


Agency teams with many projects and teams, that track and bill time for customers. Templates help you simplify and automate administration for projects with repeating elements. The core team all share a single view of the plan and progress.


Is your agency leaving money on the table? Are you running at full utilisation? Does work go unpaid because time information got lost, delayed, or mis-billed? Are all the organisation aware of how much capacity you have - or don't have, and working to fill it?

Are communication bottlenecks getting in the way of excellence? Do you rely on a key team member to remember who works flexible hours? Does someone work on financial, resourcing, or strategic plans from memory?

How does fflow help?

Our goal is to combine all your operational information in one place. If all your team share the same information, it's easier to focus on delivering excellence.

Have you given up finding the right software?

Are you using spreadsheets or even pencil and paper to manage and plan for your team? Do you have too many software tools and licenses, too few, or not the right ones?


With fflow, planning and tracking happen in a shared calendar that shows:

  • planned activities for projects and teams
  • vacation, training, illness, and other HR absences
  • task status and time


The single calendar view supports your team:

  • sales prioritise upcoming capacity
  • resource managers spot upcoming absences
  • project managers identify projects at risk