The story of fflow

fflow evolved out of Sarah’s experiences as a consultant. Consultancy teams struggle to integrate several administration software tools - information was often out of date, consultants were booking time to projects and customers even when they were obsolete, and the time and money spent reconciling various parts of the business were frustrating for everyone.

In some agencies, there was also pain around software lifecycles: identifying which staff member or consultant is paying for which software licence, and on which credit card? What happens when the licence expires, or the credit card does? Who is making sure that the consultancy is not paying for software that is no longer in use?

Decisions about strategic resource planning were often made by a few key individuals, based on their memory of what the team were (or would be) working on.

Necessity being the mother of invention, these experiences led Sarah to set the foundations for the requirements, and fflow was born.

The fflow team is based in Hampshire, near the South coast of the UK. Here is a little about some of us:


Sarah spent most of her career working for a large enterprise company, building the kind of software that typically takes weeks to install and years to master. Technology developments (otherwise known as the cloud) now allow her to produce web software that does not need any installing at all! She is passionate about making fflow as intuitive as possible, conscious that this will be a continuous crusade, because every new feature has the potential to reduce understandability. She is the moving spirit behind fflow.

In her spare time, Sarah loves yoga and singing. Although not at the same time.


Bradley has worked for a range of companies of different sizes, leading dynamic, agile development teams. Once a Java maven, now enjoys Ruby on Rails with some jQuery thrown in for the full stack experience.

Bradley is a keen skier in the winter, and for summer loves a stash of old-fashioned paper non-fiction in areas like physics and behavioural economics.


Veronique is responsible for the quality of fflow. She has a magical ability to find new and wonderful ways to break fflow: and also holds the development team to fixes that actually work.

In her spare time, Veronique enjoys spending time with horses, and driving her ponies. She has been known to create traffic jams in the village when indulging in this particular activity, unintentionally, of course!


Rob is the UX/UI designer who crafted the beautiful designs for fflow, including the welcome page.

Outside of design, Rob tries to stay standing up on his paddle board.

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